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Donations are encouraged for those participating in our healing circles to help with the costs associated and keep these circles open to our community. Donation button can be found on main page. Live stream available for those unable to attend in person; click read more for zoom link.Read More

  • Date: 05-04-2024 08:00 PM
  • Location: 2613 Sherbrooke St W, Peterborough, ON, Canada (Map)

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What started as an individual healing & ascension journey has blossomed into a mission to help others create the life of their dreams and integrate their unique gifts into their daily lives.

Our focus is Awakening Authenticity, Spiritual Awakening, Post Traumatic Growth, Grief Guidance and Sobriety Support.

By bringing together spirituality and science we can transcend the human limitations and embrace our divine potential.

Queens of the Clouds Offerings
✨ Sacred Healing Circles
✨ Divination Session - Crystal & Card Readings 
✨ SoS Cellular Activation Sessions ~ Somatic Healing on a cellular level. Clear years, and lifetimes, of repressed trauma, grief and stuck energy safely & gently in one session instead of years of rehashing it in therapy 
✨ Serenity Scan ~ Soft Touch Relaxation & Chakra Cleanse
✨ SRT Sessions - Spirit Release Therapy
✨ Sound Healing Journeys
✨ Activation Meditations
✨ Cord Cutting Ceremonies & Ritual Work
✨ Ancestral Healing
✨ Shadow Work 
✨ Akashic Records Ceremonies
✨ Sacred Connection Check In & Energy Cleanse

How It Started & How It's Going:

I was tired, but not just in terms of needing sleep, I was soul tired and the only thing that could truly help the exhaustion I was feeling was healing the trauma and grief I had been carrying around with me day in and day out. After 6 years of shadow work and soul searching, countless hours delving into certification, training in multiple healing modalities, and mastering different divination techniques, I began offering services to friends and family who then started referring me to their loved ones. It was made clear to me that there were a lot of people also living life on auto pilot, functionally frozen, and soul tired, just like I had been; which led me to creating Queens of the Clouds Healing.

Then, as our community grew, the Soul Whisper Studio was born as a safe and sacred place to learn, grow and heal alongside other like minded souls; while also allowing for a space to be held in times of need by our wonderful community.
To request to be a member of our private Soul Whisper Studio community on Facebook, where no one but those inside the protected space can see your activity, please see the contact section below and click on the Facebook icon, or find me on social media at Queens of the Clouds Healing and DM me 💜

Donation Amount

Payments can be made by in person, PayPal or by e-transfer

Meditation Medley

  • 3 personalized meditations
  • of your choice:
  • • Connect with your gatekeeper
  • • Connect with your spirit guides
  • • Assist you with cleansing your aura and chakra centers
  • • Customized Dickens Process
  • • Connect with your dragon guardian
  • • Crystal Cave Healing
  • We can create a customized meditation medley just for your needs.

Coming Soon!

Check out our YouTube Page for free meditations, serenity scans, card & crystal readings and crystal healing sessions

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Welcome to our new forum, a virtual fireside chat where you can find a great community for sharing new ideas and talking about day to day life.

Jessica Marie AKA MamaJ


I started my career by getting my Bachelors in Social Work, in hopes of providing couples and individuals with counselling; but I quickly realized that the system in which I was taught didn't resonate with my soul and would often keep clients in a never ending loop of medication and fear with no end in sight. Although therapy is a crucial component to mental health, I believe it also needs to be coupled with other healing modalities. After leaving the field, getting divorced, and years of struggling with addiction, I began my spiritual rebirth. It was at that point I was diagnosed by the medical community with anxiety, depression, CPTSD, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, an eating disorder, and I immersed myself in an eating disorder program, Narcotics Anonymous, therapy, and my spiritual growth & development. It saved my life, and although those diagnosis' no longer resonate for me anymore, and my therapists consider me to be "in remission" from said diagnosis', the rock bottom that I was faced with in the wake of multiple mental and physical illnesses was necessary to me finding peace within; and the reason I found my way into coaching. Just because a doctor gave me a life sentence didn't mean that I was just going to give up, it was the starting place of my healing, it was the start to my new life.


Associate & SoS Cellular Activation Facilitator

Jade is an important asset to our team, having personally trained Jade in SoS Cellular Activation I have been able to witness her growth in energy healing abilities over the past few years. Her intuition and gentle nature are key elements that make her an incredible facilitator and I am honoured to have her on my team.

Ashley AKA Sailor Moon

Healing Circle Co-Host

Ashley and I began hosting circles in 2022 and she has been helping to create a safe & supportive space for all during our Sacred Moon Circles & workshops

I will respond to all messages within 24-48hrs unless otherwise stated.